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Friday, June 6, 2008

Foxy Fiction

I've been busy getting ready for an illustration trade show here in NYC in a couple weeks, so I haven't posted in a while. Although this show mainly caters to the more commercial market for the masses, I've tried combining some foxy flavor to the mix. So take a look at a new series I'm developing. I'm focusing on (foxy) male heroic characters from folklore and fiction. Here are the first two: Doc Savage and Hercules (ala Steve Reeves).
I have plans on showing some tone legs with Robin Hood. Others I'm considering are John Henry, Paul Bunyan, Aladdin, and Tarzan.
Do you have any suggestions or comments? Please let me know and post them here and/ or send me an email.


James said...

These are waaaaay cool. Whats the trade show?

Andy said...

The trade show is a portfolio review for Art Directors/ Art Buyers to meet and greet emerging and established illustrators. If you happen to be one of these special people and live in NYC area, then by all means, please stop by and say Hello (and make sure you have plenty of business cards with you)! ;-)

I've posted an invite with all the info for those interested here: