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Friday, February 13, 2009

Foxy Valentine

Happy Valentines Day! I know it's over-rated for the most part, but try and remember love is for friends and family, too.

Foxy Art

Just a little shout out to let you know about an upcoming art show in NYC this APRIL.

It’s called “The Painted Boy”, and I’ll have several pieces in an exhibition called:
“Lover Man Where Can You Be?”

Trust me when I say there are some VERY talented artists here (besides myself) that will be represented, and all the work will be for sale.

So mark your calendar for April 4-5, and come out and show your support!
Click on the link below for a discount coupon!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Foxy Go-Go-GO!

Would you ever think that while viewing a DaVinci or Hockney you could turn around and see THIS? I would have to pinch myself to prove that I wasn't dreaming... or on the set of some porn movie. If you're in California and get the chance: go to the UCLA Hammer Museum and check this out for yourself!!

Foxy Valentine Comics

If you're looking for a FOXY Valentine's Day gift for that special someone, might I suggest a copy of Dale Lazarov's latest book: MANLY. Dale has quite the imagination, and artist Amy Colburn has a great, slick and sexy style! You might even like it enough to buy YOURSELF a copy:

and if you didn't know... I'm working with Dale on what we're calling "CHUMS". I just finished my first story, called "Second Chances", and proud to announce that Larry Brown is on our team as colorist! No doubt his incredible expertise will enhance and bring greater life to these characters.

Check out this fun interview with Dale, and note that yours truly is mentioned at the end of the article! WOOT! WOOT!
Stay tuned for more erotic comic news!