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Friday, February 29, 2008

Foxy Models

It's Friday again. Another week has flown by, and left us with what? Well, hopefully SOMETHING foxy. But just in case you're one of those who felt they were cheated, here are a few sketches I've been holding onto, showing perhaps more of my sweeter side. All of these were created at the wonderful Leslie/Lohman life drawing sessions held here in NYC.

I encourage you to visit the gallery's website and learn more about the gallery's history. Who knows? Perhaps you'll be inspired to support the gallery's efforts in promoting art with gay and lesbian sensibilities, or find one to support in your neck of the woods?

Of course, if you ever hear of a gallery or open call for entries for art with a gay sensibility... you know of at least one foxy artist who's interested. So drop me a line (betches)! ;-)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Foxy Fitness

I came up with the idea to create some motivational type sketches the other day because it's a great way to combine foxy guys and public service type reminders. I know it's perhaps a bit utopian of me, but why can't people use sex to sell concepts like SHARING, TOLERANCE, and PEACE.

So with that in mind, I'd like to present the first in this series: "HEALTHY"! We can all do things to be healthier: eat right, exercise, yoga, etc. Listen, I know mental health is important, too... but I'm interested in drawing guys here! ;-)

Perhaps my sketch may remind you of someone? Well, that's because I tried creating a love child from the ultra foxy BEN COHEN (a professional athlete) and BLUTO (yes, the cartoon character)! Wouldn't that be something special? In case you need help remembering what the heck these guys look like, I'll save you the trouble:

Ben Cohen is soo foxy... I can't stand it. (That's why I'm sitting down right now.) Actually, I don't want to think too much about it, or my head will explode. So let me just say that one can NEVER get too much of Ben, and he knows it!! (dahm him) To prove my point, just visit his website. The freaking thing is chock full of him strutting his stuff! To top it all off... he's even acknowledged and thanked his gay fans. So it would seem that he's a true fox both inside and out!

Bluto, on the other hand, is a jerk. BUT... I will admit that I had a crush on him as a kid. There was just something about that dark hair and wrestler physique that caught my attention. He was that manly man: the macho woodcutter, the circus strongman, the champion boxer. But you may or may not know he also dressed in DRAG! Yup. Seems he was a man of many interests! I did kind of feel bad for him even though he deserved to get beat up. But he was a tough guy, and always came back for more. Maybe he liked it? I dunno. Hey, did I mention how bad boys can be foxy, too? ;)

If you agree that Bluto is hot, or are a fan of the Popeye cartoons, then may I suggest learning more by visiting an awesome fan site: Popeye Animator ID.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Foxy Friday

Now that Valentines is over, and the week-end is almost here let's take a moment and give some love to those deemed unlovable. The boys with a dark side. The guys who like to get into fights. I'm talking about BAD BOYS!

I just hope your Holiday wasn't ruined because of someone like this, but hey... some people LIKE getting their hearts stomped on? Who's to say that's wrong? One thing is for sure: Bad Boys can be VERY foxy!

So here are some bad boys for you to oogle over, and perhaps enable some latent desires? Mwahahaha!

1. SUPERMAN. Yes, even the good guys can have a dark side. Supes (played by Christopher Reeve in Superman III) was already foxy, but with a new attitude: he's UBER foxy!

2. DRACULA. He certainly knows how to suck, but when played by the foxy Dominic Purcell (Blade Trinity) I don't want him to stop!

3. PATRICK BATEMAN. Speaking of killers... I don't think they could look any better. OMG!! (Christian Bale in American Psycho)

4. KANO. Fight club certainly made bruises sexy, but when Mortal Kombat character KANO (played by Trevor Goddard) appeared on screen, visions of hunky leathermen danced in my head. No, seriously... they did!

5. RYAN McCARTHY. Who the hell is Ryan McCarthy? Well, if you're not into twinks you may not know who he is. However, if you watch TV you may have seen a show called the OC or seen a trailer for the movie Never Back Down. In that case you may recognize the devilishly handsome Cam Gigandet who plays Ryan. I am "lucky" enough to have seen this film already, and I'll tell you: DON'T SEE IT! It's quite predictable and boring. However, there are several scenes of sweaty muscle getting it on, and if that's your thing: RUN, don't walk to the theater! Check it out for yourself (Ryan is the blonde, in case you didn't know):

OK. That's enough! Now back to my ART!

Here's a sketch I did this morning, and I kind of think it looks like a fox getting ready to step into the ring (... to battle Ryan perhaps?).

Have a FOXY week-end!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Foxy Music

It's Valentine's Day, and in order to set the mood right tonight here is another pick for music to get Foxy to. This pick is two-fold because I loooove both the original and a new song that samples this classic so heavily. But let's start with the original song, shall we?

Larry Levan- "Is It All Over My Face"

Sadly, I was too young to enjoy hearing this song debut in clubs in the early 80's, but it's still a favorite for many and has a strong fan base. I don't have any crazy/ funny stories about this song, but I'm sure it will get some booties shakin.

Speaking of "booty" is anyone familiar with openly gay NYC based rapper, CAZWELL? If not, I seriously insist that you check him out. He's fun, sexy, and his songs are chock full of homo goodness. He had an album not too long ago (2006) and used the Levan original to bring it back in style. Not that the original could ever go out of style... but have a listen and a look and see what I mean.

Cazwell- "All Over Your Face"

Hope that spices things up for you this Valentine's Day!

My Foxy Valentine

Well, here it is: Valentine's Day. I don't know how many people that celebrate this Holiday. In fact, I have a feeling most folks don't do much at all... including ME! My boyfriend and I have done little gift exchanges in years past, but nothing crazy mind you. I remember it being a much bigger deal as a kid, having to decorate your own valentine bag, stressing over which Valentine to give to which classmate, etc. Now-a-days it's just sort of an excuse to buy lots of candy and binge for a day (or two).

Well, in order to make Valentine's Day a little FOXIER, I have created a very special e-card! (You may recognize the bulging underwear because I used the TWINK drawing from my previous post.) Yup, now you can let that special person know how you feel.

Isn't it charming? ...Romantinc? Dare I say FOXY?

Well, I think it's fun and could be used ANY time of the year, so why not save a copy and keep it handy? In fact, I'm thinking of expanding upon this e-card idea, and would love to hear any suggestions that you might have!

In case you find this card isn't working for you, or you feel you must use the power of choice in every aspect of your life: I have good news for you! I've done some Valentine's in previous years and they're still available online at CAMPBLOOD. Just click HERE, HERE, or HERE!

While you're there you may want to stay and explore the site as there is tons of tasty Horror Homo goodness! Just be sure to tell BUZZ that FOXY ANDY sent ya!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Fox

Not long ago, someone asked me if I could draw TWINKS. Of course I was rather shocked by the notion someone doubted my abilities, but more importantly I realized that I have been depriving folks from an entire youth culture! (**gasp**)

Let me clarify by stating a "Twink" (in my opion) is a young man 18-25 ish, and by "mature" I basically mean to include anyone over 30. Yes, I admit I personally favor the "rough and mature" over the "smooth and supple", but no longer will I make that decision for my viewers!

So here is my TWINK debut!
I took a life model drawing and tried to "twink it up" a notch or two. I can't help but keep the square jaw and toned physique, but lost the facial and body hair... kind of smoothed things out in a way. I will also admit that I was also loosely based on Dick Grayson. You know... Batman's side-kick: ROBIN, the Boy (twink) Wonder. And the heart tattoo? Well... Valentine's Day is around the corner, and this may just end up as an e-card or something? Just click on the image below to see the transformation in it's full-sized glory. (Don't forget to click the back button, or you'll leave me hanging!)
Is this a "twink"? Did I succeed? Inquiring minds want to know!

Foxy Music

Keeping in the spirit of the season (aka Valentines) I have decided to post my suggestions for music to get Foxy to. In fact, there's never a time NOT to be Foxy... is there? (Well, maybe not at a funeral.) Regardless of what you think appropriate, here is my first (and possibly TOP) pick:

Minnie Riperton- "Inside My Love"

In case you can't remember how it goes, or (heaven forbid) have no idea what I'm talking about... then get to your nearest youtube, iTunes store, or click on the track title above and get with it!

The song was included on the album (Adventures in Paradise) and recently discovered that she was ATTACKED by a lion when filming a commercial! It wasn't the same lion shown above, but a different one. Whatever. I'm just relieved she wasn't terribly injured.

Better yet: SEE the whole story for yourself

A Whole New World

Welcome to "Foxy Talk". This is my new home for all the latest and greatest, and hope you (dear reader) will enjoy it. And if you did (or didn't), I expect you to tell me about it by leaving a comment. That's RIGHT! I want you Foxy fans to respond. It will help inspire me, and let me know what you like.

Just keep it clean folks. I know this ain't no kids show, but seriously... This isn't about pornography or profanity (there's plenty of other places to get that). It's about being FOXY. I'll not only post about my art, but about things I think have Foxy merit. That means foxy guys (duh), movies, fashion, stories, etc.

I intend to keep it fresh, too, and do my best to post at least once a week: So remember to check back often!

You never know what I may have for you...