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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Foxy Monsters

Happy Halloween folks! Hope everyone is getting ready for the big night.
To help get ready for the night, I've made a nifty little drawing. I call him, "Vampirfella" and he's the first in a series of sexy monsters I'll be working on. I plan on including other such sexy beasts such as werebears, zombie jocks, sexy spectres and the like. Got any favorites you'd like to see? well post a reply or send me an email and maybe your request will be next?!

Have a safe and happy Halloween everyone!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Foxy Comics

Always wanted to know how to write erotic comics or dialog-free comics? Well my good friend, Dale Lazarov, recently did a podcast at "Deconstructing Comics". Check it out. It's fun and informative, and I highly recommend it! :)

"Writing erotic comics? What’s so hard about writing a story about sex? Dale Lazarov, writer of gay erotic comics like “Sticky,” “Manly,” and the forthcoming “Nightlife,” talks about the challenges of writing erotic comics, and of dialog-free comics."

Check out Dale's books on Amazon: