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Friday, March 6, 2009

Foxy Art

Thought you might like to look at some samples from "Second Chances". It's the first short story (written by Dale Lazarov and colored by Larry Brown) of a series titled "CHUMS".
This story centers around two fellas who meet again at their high school reunion after many years. One is a successful artist, and the other is the jock turned TV sportscaster. Lucky for them the festivities are at a hotel so they don't have far to go to get to a bed! ;)

OH! And don't get confused: there are flashbacks of the characters from when they were in school together, so you get the pleasure of seeing twinks and daddies in one story! ENJOY.

1 comment:

Todd Schoonover said...

Hey Andy! Great art and great to be back in touch with you too. I like Dale's writing, so this looks to be a fun project.