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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Foxy Fitness

I came up with the idea to create some motivational type sketches the other day because it's a great way to combine foxy guys and public service type reminders. I know it's perhaps a bit utopian of me, but why can't people use sex to sell concepts like SHARING, TOLERANCE, and PEACE.

So with that in mind, I'd like to present the first in this series: "HEALTHY"! We can all do things to be healthier: eat right, exercise, yoga, etc. Listen, I know mental health is important, too... but I'm interested in drawing guys here! ;-)

Perhaps my sketch may remind you of someone? Well, that's because I tried creating a love child from the ultra foxy BEN COHEN (a professional athlete) and BLUTO (yes, the cartoon character)! Wouldn't that be something special? In case you need help remembering what the heck these guys look like, I'll save you the trouble:

Ben Cohen is soo foxy... I can't stand it. (That's why I'm sitting down right now.) Actually, I don't want to think too much about it, or my head will explode. So let me just say that one can NEVER get too much of Ben, and he knows it!! (dahm him) To prove my point, just visit his website. The freaking thing is chock full of him strutting his stuff! To top it all off... he's even acknowledged and thanked his gay fans. So it would seem that he's a true fox both inside and out!

Bluto, on the other hand, is a jerk. BUT... I will admit that I had a crush on him as a kid. There was just something about that dark hair and wrestler physique that caught my attention. He was that manly man: the macho woodcutter, the circus strongman, the champion boxer. But you may or may not know he also dressed in DRAG! Yup. Seems he was a man of many interests! I did kind of feel bad for him even though he deserved to get beat up. But he was a tough guy, and always came back for more. Maybe he liked it? I dunno. Hey, did I mention how bad boys can be foxy, too? ;)

If you agree that Bluto is hot, or are a fan of the Popeye cartoons, then may I suggest learning more by visiting an awesome fan site: Popeye Animator ID.

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