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Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Foxy Valentine

Well, here it is: Valentine's Day. I don't know how many people that celebrate this Holiday. In fact, I have a feeling most folks don't do much at all... including ME! My boyfriend and I have done little gift exchanges in years past, but nothing crazy mind you. I remember it being a much bigger deal as a kid, having to decorate your own valentine bag, stressing over which Valentine to give to which classmate, etc. Now-a-days it's just sort of an excuse to buy lots of candy and binge for a day (or two).

Well, in order to make Valentine's Day a little FOXIER, I have created a very special e-card! (You may recognize the bulging underwear because I used the TWINK drawing from my previous post.) Yup, now you can let that special person know how you feel.

Isn't it charming? ...Romantinc? Dare I say FOXY?

Well, I think it's fun and could be used ANY time of the year, so why not save a copy and keep it handy? In fact, I'm thinking of expanding upon this e-card idea, and would love to hear any suggestions that you might have!

In case you find this card isn't working for you, or you feel you must use the power of choice in every aspect of your life: I have good news for you! I've done some Valentine's in previous years and they're still available online at CAMPBLOOD. Just click HERE, HERE, or HERE!

While you're there you may want to stay and explore the site as there is tons of tasty Horror Homo goodness! Just be sure to tell BUZZ that FOXY ANDY sent ya!

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