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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Foxy Music

It's Valentine's Day, and in order to set the mood right tonight here is another pick for music to get Foxy to. This pick is two-fold because I loooove both the original and a new song that samples this classic so heavily. But let's start with the original song, shall we?

Larry Levan- "Is It All Over My Face"

Sadly, I was too young to enjoy hearing this song debut in clubs in the early 80's, but it's still a favorite for many and has a strong fan base. I don't have any crazy/ funny stories about this song, but I'm sure it will get some booties shakin.

Speaking of "booty" is anyone familiar with openly gay NYC based rapper, CAZWELL? If not, I seriously insist that you check him out. He's fun, sexy, and his songs are chock full of homo goodness. He had an album not too long ago (2006) and used the Levan original to bring it back in style. Not that the original could ever go out of style... but have a listen and a look and see what I mean.

Cazwell- "All Over Your Face"

Hope that spices things up for you this Valentine's Day!


rod said...

Thank you for not being a purist! Many old schoolers were upset by Cazwell's use of the Levan track.

Andy said...

Yeah... well, I usually hate how songs get chopped up when sampled, but something about how CAZWELL worked it didn't offend me.

In general, I feel like he pays more of an homage to his sources rather than bastardizing them.

Also, I love the fact that one of my all time favorite songs got the chance to be exposed to an entirely new audience! ;-)