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Friday, February 15, 2008

Foxy Friday

Now that Valentines is over, and the week-end is almost here let's take a moment and give some love to those deemed unlovable. The boys with a dark side. The guys who like to get into fights. I'm talking about BAD BOYS!

I just hope your Holiday wasn't ruined because of someone like this, but hey... some people LIKE getting their hearts stomped on? Who's to say that's wrong? One thing is for sure: Bad Boys can be VERY foxy!

So here are some bad boys for you to oogle over, and perhaps enable some latent desires? Mwahahaha!

1. SUPERMAN. Yes, even the good guys can have a dark side. Supes (played by Christopher Reeve in Superman III) was already foxy, but with a new attitude: he's UBER foxy!

2. DRACULA. He certainly knows how to suck, but when played by the foxy Dominic Purcell (Blade Trinity) I don't want him to stop!

3. PATRICK BATEMAN. Speaking of killers... I don't think they could look any better. OMG!! (Christian Bale in American Psycho)

4. KANO. Fight club certainly made bruises sexy, but when Mortal Kombat character KANO (played by Trevor Goddard) appeared on screen, visions of hunky leathermen danced in my head. No, seriously... they did!

5. RYAN McCARTHY. Who the hell is Ryan McCarthy? Well, if you're not into twinks you may not know who he is. However, if you watch TV you may have seen a show called the OC or seen a trailer for the movie Never Back Down. In that case you may recognize the devilishly handsome Cam Gigandet who plays Ryan. I am "lucky" enough to have seen this film already, and I'll tell you: DON'T SEE IT! It's quite predictable and boring. However, there are several scenes of sweaty muscle getting it on, and if that's your thing: RUN, don't walk to the theater! Check it out for yourself (Ryan is the blonde, in case you didn't know):

OK. That's enough! Now back to my ART!

Here's a sketch I did this morning, and I kind of think it looks like a fox getting ready to step into the ring (... to battle Ryan perhaps?).

Have a FOXY week-end!


TommyRoss said...

what is up Brutha!!!

I know exactly who Cam Gigandet is! Ask Buzz. I used to pester him about him but he couldn't give 3 shits. He said that he looked like a character from a Joe R. Lansdale novel (they had pictures?). Why wasn't i talking to you about him?! Is he a twink? Then i guess i DO like twinks. This boy is probably full of cream if that's what you mean. He def kept me glued (yeah that's what it was) to my chair every Thursday. In fact, his character was such a bad boy, that he killed the leading lady, ending the show for good.

I look forward to discussing the foxes with you again. love it.

Do you remember Billy Warlock from the last and worst (read:best) season from Happy Days? He came in as a Chachi surrogate when that fellow fox left for chicago to love Joanie. He was always getting into trouble and was BadBoy enough to get tanked and jumped in a car (in a very special episode) and hit poor little Heather O'Rourke...and keep on driving!

Been thinking about you man!

Andy said...

TOMMYROSS! I luv you because you always know exactly where I'm coming from! You are truly a truly foxy fellow indeed!

I would say that Cam is a twink, but I suppose there may be some debate. However, what I mean by "twink" (as previously mentioned in an earlier post) is that he's young and pretty fresh faced in general. And I'm CERTAIN he's full of cream (Know what I mean? wink-wink. nudge-nudge.)

I can BARELY recall Billy Warlock. So I googled his *ss and STILL could barely remember him?! WTF? I guess I was too busy watching Bo Duke to pay him any mind?? ;-)

The fox parade continues!!